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Every tree is never just a tree.


A tree is a unique source of biodiversity. 

Taking care of a tree means maintaining the richness of life that surrounds us.

At BioTreeVersity we combine innovative research with management practices to understand, preserve and increase biodiversity even in our cities.

Biodiversity is the variety of life forms, the different habitats in which species live, and the genetic diversity within species. 

For humans Biodiversity means nourishment, raw materials to produce energy, medicines and much more.

However, we are loosing all this incredible richness. 

The Biodiversity on Earth, indeed, is dramatically decreasing due to habitat loss, climate change, pollution and invasive species.

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forest, vertical communities

Vertical communities

Trees are "houses" for Biodiversity: 
from the roots up to the highest branches, they host a large amount of different organisms. 


Often we are not able to see all these species, because they hide in dendromicrohabitats.

dendromicrohabitat is a feature in the tree, for example a hollow or crevice, that species may use as a shelter or nest, or they may use as a hibernation or feeding site.

The trees that contain more dendromicrohabitats, and therefore host more biodiversity, are the mature and senescent trees.

They are called habitat trees, and have a crucial role in the conservation of biodiversity.

Just one adult oak can host 250 different species of insects!

 Discover more about the dendromicrohabitats and the species they host.

Habitat trees are found in natural environments, but even in our cities. Here, however, they are often cut down, or the dry or rotting parts are removed.

This causes the loss of an enormous amount of dendromicrohabitats in our cities, and therefore of biodiversity.

Unfortunately, planting new trees is not enough to restore lost biodiversity.

Indeed, a tree needs at least 100 years before it reaches the ecological role of habitat tree.

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Our mission

We propose a new concept of tree care and conservation of the species which live in it, as a way to preserve the biodiversity in our cities.


Our activities

Ricerca di specie negli alberi habitat
We study the biodiversity associated with trees and how each tree interacts with the species it hosts, using both innovative techniques and traditional methods.


Formazione ed educazione sulla biodiversità negli alberi habitat
We communicate the importance of mature and senescent trees to support biodiversity in urban environments.

Education and Outreach

Gestione appropriata degli alberi
We develop and share good tree management practices and  biodiversity conservation.


Taking care of a tree means preserving a unique source of biodiversity and building a better future.

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