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Specie associata agli alberi habitat urbani

The team 


Researcher in ecology and biodiversity conservation at the University of Milan-Bicocca.


Claudia Canedoli

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European tree worker specialized in biodiversity conservation and interventions, founder of VerticalVerde .

Davide Corengia

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PhD student in evolutionary genetics at the Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and science communicator.

Camilla Stefanini

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Marketing & Medical Humanities expert, founder of and doctor in Communication at the Università della Svizzera italiana

Michele Corengia

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Expert technicians

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Junior agronomist and tree climber arborist with several years of experience and participation in biotreeversity projects

Gianluca Ciambrone

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Doctor of agronomy, expert in stability analysis for the conservation of public and private tree heritage, integrating the ecological value.

Elia Galbusera

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Naturalist, agrotechnician and environmental guide with specific training in the study of biodiversity associated with trees.

Sara Pelladoni

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Researchers and ambassadors

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Sociologist, environmental scientist, tree climber.


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Researcher in ecology of forest systems and ecosystem services.


Entomologist and ecologist with experience in biodiversity monitoring.


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Entomologist and expert in monitoring programs.

Silvia Stefanelli

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PhD student in environmental sciences, specialized in the evaluation of ecosystem services in the context of urban regeneration.

Emanuele Asnaghi

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Forestry instructor and tree climbing instructor, arborist, certified European tree worker.

Fernando Albert Romero

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