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Biodiversità degli alberi

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In urban environments, natural habitats are small "ecological niches", which host the majority of biodiversity of our cities. To preserve such richness, it is crucial to maintain different natural elements, and trees in particular.


But how many and which species live in urban trees or rely on them for part of their life?

Finding it out will allow to improve our management strategies and preserve the biodiversity associated with them.

The objectives

analyze biodiversity

hosted by individual mature urban trees, with particular attention to vertical distribution and seasonal variability, using innovative methods

and traditional techniques;

support biodiversity

identifying the elements of the trees that are most important for the species hosted and help in their management;

make citizens more aware

of the importance of mature and senescent trees for the conservation of biodiversity in urban, peri-urban and rural environments;

Field work...

...but not only!

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First results coming soon, 
keep following us!

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