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attività di gestione sugli alberi habitat

Our activities

Innovative research meets management practices to study, preserve and increase biodiversity even in our cities.


We study the biodiversity associated with trees and how each tree interacts with the species it hosts, using both innovative techniques an traditional methods.

We are testing techniques to study the biodiversity associated with trees in fragmented landscapes.

search for species associated with habitat trees

Education and Outreach

We communicate the importance of mature and senescent trees to support biodiversity in urban environments.

Introductive course to conservative arboriculture

A course to dig into tree-related biodiversity and its importance, and the methods to better manage it (in practice!). 

habitat tree management to conserve biodiversity


We develop and share good biodiversity conservation practices.

Soon new projects in collaboration with VerticalVerde

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The naturalist's journey has only begun and will continue forever in all respects, it would be possible to devote an entire life to a journey, similar to that of Magellan, around the trunk of a single tree. 

E.O. Wilson

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